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Ceasar ain't got nothing on me.

So, Bloodlines rocks. I attempted to play a nossie, given that the previous game didn;t enforce the Masquerade and they have the two disicplines that I can make work the best in a game. I step into the street with my nossie and immediately get beaten down for Masquerade breeches. The police in this world be mean. So, rather than die every three seconds I swithced to a Malkavaian.

So fucking cool. So cool. The text is titled and wibbly. Half the time I have no clue what I'm saying. It's great. I think they did a good job putting the madness into the game. Occasionally a line of red text appears where you do something really fucked up to the persion to whom you are speaking. You can resist, but apparently it impacts the gameplay - I think it makes you frenzy easier until you indulge an impulse. I have yet to NOT indulge so I'm not sure. Each outcome has been hilarious, including destroying the mind of a surly hospital orderly such tat he now only laughs and squirms when I speak to him. Good times. This made wading through consumerism worth it.

What dies suck is that it some times closes itself when I enter a new area. No huge crash. It just closes down and I see my desktop. I may be more annoyed if my desktop were ugly, but it's ok. I think the computer gets overwhelmed or something. I can't think of why. It's got a moderately priced 3D card and many gHz of speed. Lame, but the last time forced me to realize I was hungry. Thus why I'm posting.. and not eating. I like that this game is doing this to me. Means it'll be even more fun to go through it again as a different character type. I'm VERY glad it's not a run-around-and-beat-things game. It has many paths to take. Though, I seem to need to beat up a Cathayan and keep getting schooled because I'm not playing a Brujah. Damn Malkies not having any power. Though, dementation is an offensive discipline in tis game - in fun ways. Like "Visions of Death" where mortals get so scared they die. Awesome.

So, for those of you that didn't listen to my attempt at a phone post, I went shopping today. Not for Xmas, but for toys for myself because I'm a DINK. I bought Vampire: bloodlines - see my gushing in the cut. I also went looking for a better webcam. And I found the one I want, but it is too expense to be an impulse buy. I can't swing $130 at random. So, I'll save and purchase later.

It's cool. It has motion tracking, live video capability and excellent swivle joints. Most importantly, it has better resolution than my current crapcam. 1.3 mega pixels I think. It defaults to 640X480 so the graininess that exists with this cam would cease to exist. That's key.

When I get this new cam, I'm going to have two cam action. I'll probably have a dedicated Catcam, because I'm crazy. However, the software that I foind that handles multiple webcams doesn't seem to handle uploading to a unix server properly. Mad lamxors. We'll see what I can make of it.

Video games suck my creativity. And my awareness of food. I think I'll take advantage of Glass Nickle's Late Night Munchies coupon and get my pizza on. Oddly enough, I'm looking forward to the challeng of losing the weight I've gained over the holiday. Will prove my manliness

Tomorrow, I shall attempt to make the Willcam be the Vampcam (EDIT: Expanded the "archive"). Maybe I can get a real picture rather than glare. That way, I can infect you all with my dorkosity.

ANybody know where I can get free image hosting with hotlinking? Steve's server works, but I can't archive. I'd like one that defaults the correct CHMOD commands so I can just let the cam go.

Images have been changed to 1 minute refreshes to cut down on crapping out of connections. It seems that if someone tries to reload the page at the same time the cam is rewriting the image, it dies. The image locks and no more overwrites happen. Sigh. I'll figure something out.

What does it take to set up my own webserrver? I have a 800 MHz just sitting around getting dusty.
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