The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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    Electrical storms, while pretty, make for a tired ABM.
  • Commodore64 twitter application
  • I'd have to be a body builder before I could manage this
  • In one month, I will be in Stockholm... and likely far more tired.
  • So, I'm pretty much sold on the Olympus PEN and am considering a birthday present to myself.
    • I can start saving now. :)
  • Feeling a little down the last two days. I'm eagerly anticipating this weekend.
  • I want to slack SO BAD today but I have a chance to start testing the next version a day early...
  • Worka worka...
  • I took a gamble with my 401k contributions, moving money into real estate and utility funds. It has already paid off with rather nice returns on those two funds alone. Now if emerging markets would get together, that'd be nice.
  • Also: Healthcare funds FTW.

How are you, peoples? Glad the week is ending?
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