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Almond pizza

Almond pizza
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So. Recall that I made almond flour pizza a few days ago? You do?

Well, that batch did not work for me. I come from Chicago, see? I
likes me toppings, see? And that pizza crust was INSUFFICIENT
ARCHITECTURE for my kind of pizza. The result was soggy in the middle
despite properly Pre-cooking the crust. It was also too sweet for my

My resolution? Screw with the recipe. The initial recipe called for
yoguhrt. I found this emphasized the sweet notes in the almonds. That
had to go. And the egg? It tried to bind it too much, more tan needed
at least. I tossed one of them. To make up the fat, I added more olive

My final recipe:
2.25c almond flour
2 whole eggs
1tbl olive oil
2.5 t salt


Take the ball and press it to about a half inch in thickness.

Bake in 350 preheated oven for 15 minutes or until muddle is set.

Pull and let cool. Add toppings and put back in the oven for 15-20

When the crust was getting darker, I switched to the broiler and moved
the pan to the second from the top rack. Brown cheese.

This result (pictured above)? DELICIOUS! A thicker crust better
resisted my pile o' goods. It also tasted FAR less sweet than the
previous. It was sturdier too, more crusty.

And I like the very brown edges.
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