The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Wherein I complain like a yuppie.

1: Dude, I ate at the Monroe Street Bistro last night - a splinter group/clone of Brasserie V.
The food sucked. My duck was still cold in the middle. Fox's pork chop was overdone and paired with this horrid orange sauce.

2: Elsewise? I had a fantastic date with lady_fox last night. Up is adorable and, really, not as sad to me as many of you said. Sure, some parts were heart wrenching but the movie overall was just adorable and well-executed. Minus one issue I had with Teh Bad Guy.

3: Rutabaga in Monona carries Vibram FiveFinger shoes.
Yes, I want them. Running shoes hurt, even good ones. They screw up my balance and pronation and I've always preferred running shoe-less - Princeton Club, however, prefers I don't. :)

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