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This weekend was all sorts of fantastic! Photos! Talks! Kisses on very tall structures! It was great.

[Saturday - photo editing frenzy, part 1.]
I completely biffed bringing all the memory cards i needed in order to finish culling all the photos from last month's wedding. I blame getting up at 5:30 in the morning because, well, duh. That's early. I did go through and select about 150 photos from the first 730 as "keeper shots." I realized at about 10, after 3 hours of editing, that I was starting to edit every darn photo because I couldn't start laying out the book.

See, I forgot the important memory card - the actual ceremony photos - and only had the party shots. I can't really tell until I'm going through the layouts what photos will go on what pages and start editing those shots, say. Building the book is a much more organic thing. I choose photos depending on what works best for the single page, the page spread, and the book as a whole. In fact, I regularly find myself including photos that I rate slightly lower than other similar shots because they flow far better on the page. Not to say that I substitute crap for something better, rather I consider the whole greater than the sum of the parts and work towards a better end product.

Also, no photos I rate lower than a 3 (of 5) ever go in the book.

But, I spent from about 6:30 to 10:30 editing, culling and what not until narcissuskisses joined me.

[Saturday - the remainder!]
She and I went shopping for a gift for her almost sister-in-law on State. There was much silly joking, playing with Hipster Goodies and surprise at the very, very strange things that we both wanted to buy. Like wine temperature ring devices and B-Movie Horrified Crowd Action Figures. I'm generally appalled, as well, by the cost of the intersection between art and function. Ghastly, though profitable, business.

We eventually walked to the capitol as neither of us had been there for a while and wandered around the upper rotunda in the simply beatific weather. We could see clear across the lakes. There was some nice hand holding and kissing up there because extra height makes it that much more special.

We stopped by the Pointy Kitty booth where I remained for a little while to pet and smooch lady_fox in horrid displays of frubble-y love. We headed out around 2:30 and collapsed in exhaustion (see comment re: 5:30 = fucking early) to watch BSG for the rest of the afternoon. She played Sims 3 a little, I frantically searched for the last memory card only to find it in the pocket of the vest I wore to the wedding - I went as far to dump the contents of every bag I own, which took like seven hours.

[Sunday - photo editing frenzy, part 2.]
I spent the day at Barriques to both work and tease slavetopurple at work. I eventually reduced the final 1423 photos down to 249 really good shots and started work on the book. It's an interesting beast, this book. I'm balancing my vision for the book itself against my artistic view. The ceremony and couple are much more traditional with less obvious personality visible in the shots compared to the last wedding. I'm finding it hard to keep the book simple and elegant rather than edgy and modern.

I spent 9 - 2pm yesterday working on it. At 2 I was "done: with the book, meaning I had completed most of the layouts and had a distinct beginning and end point that I liked. From there, I just needed to tweak layouts and add or remove photos to perfect the feeling. I went home and had Fox look through it and give me suggestions and went back to work editing. I think I was done-done around (checks Twitter) 7:30pm.

[Photo book - I digress]
I am just so happy with this book now. I actually stumbled into a few absolutely fantastic layouts because of both accidents and some random edits I tried when I saw Fox's brow twitch into "I don't like this" guise while looking through it. I think the book is on par with the first one though it doesn't scream my voice. It's much more subtle than the fist book I did. It feels more polished, though, because I'm using a lot of monochrome and sepias with very clean backgrounds. Maybe not more polished. It feels softer, less edgy than I would normally produce. It resonates with my voice and perspective more than the prior book which sort of vibrates with my voice. It's hard to describe.

[Sunday - the remainder]
There was some good time with Fox in the early evening. There may have been rope involved; I was too engaged to remember to photograph the ties. Sadness.

Then we grilled chicken. I made a BBQ sauce with tomato paste, balsamic vinegar, mustard, broth and various sauces. It turned into this delightfully caramelized shell on the chicken over the coals. It was just so damn good Fox and I were, essentially, caught off-guard by how good. Disarmed, if you will, by BBQ'd/grilled chicken. We sad in a lovely food coma most of the evening chilling. More Sims and Photo editing ensued.

The only thing I'd change about the weekend? More kissing.
I tweeted as much last night. :) I promptly remedied it.

And I forgot a self-portrait as promised this weekend.

Lastly: I know weight 175lbs. And I feel weird having lost all this weight without going to the gym for a month. :/ Blows my mind.
I SO don't miss sugar at all.

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