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I'm feeling slow this morning, logy. I didn't get out of bed until fairly later than usual. I have zero desire to do much work but there's a lot to do today and for the next few weeks yet.
    Bleh. List:
  • I had so many sex dreams last night about a bunch of people.
    • There aren't enough hours in the night, man.
  • I get to play with Windows 7 at work today.
  • I'm not eligible for an interest-free loan at work until October. So no new laptop unless I front the cost myself at first.
    • I can, actually, buy it now and then get the loan in October for the full or remaining amount, if I want, which I may do since I filled my hard drive AGAIN with photos yesterday.
  • Music! Snagged a bunch of random new albums this morning.
    • Mike Snow.
    • Telekinesis.
    • Oohs & Aahs
  • I had a lovely evening with STP at a lecture that was ostensibly about Anonymous Vs. Scientology but was more about 4chan and internet memes.
  • This was followed by a walk to Icon for tapas (mm.. anchovies) and wine.
  • It is interesting seeing another cancer. We have very similar processing and defense mechanisms. We can catch each other in them.
  • Looking forward to the weekend! Yay! Someone has eluded to distracting me on Saturdays too. :)
  • 2% latte, 3 shots.
  • weeeee!
  • I'm trying to forget that I am able to get an iPhone 3GS at the subsidized price right now.
  • I want an Awkward Zone: Defeated! icon.
    • Or maybe just a top hat in which I specifically drink beer.
    • A TopBeer Hat, if you will

Here's an old photo from Weary traveler!
Candy in the stall
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