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Shocking display

Because I'm obsessive and want to be the best, I have changed the look of The Willcam - now with Willchive(TM). Now your boredom stretches into the past.

Next change? Probably a poetry page.

I like programming in layers. It's really quite easy when you get down to it. The most difficult part is knowing where to stick extra tags andsuch, like images. I also like how easy a carefully planeed photoshop image makes a hardcore webgraphic. I spit in your face Fireworks. It sucks that Macromedia only support it's own program for image editing. Photoshop is better than Fireworks will ever be.

Now, I had the original intention of doing something creative.. this only qualifies slightly. It doesn't feel like it should, probably because it's really fun and faitly easy. I like a modicum of pain with y artwork - which may be why I go through dpurts. Webpages are so technical.. especially parsing code and ditzing around with DHTML. Eh, whatever. I'm being silly, really. This should qualify.

And yet I feel I should do something else. I think I may wander in the cold tomorrow and take picturs or random things. Maybe the first snow, if it does so. God, I'm so looking forward to snow.


I"ve got an archive in there now. but everytime my webcam software changes the file names, the CHMOD turns off extrenal execute ability. Anybody know how I could fix that? I'm guessing Steve hasto do something with the server. Or can I do it through ws_ftp?

Sigh. For now, I have an archive that I'll update with recent funny pics or something. See above for the stupid things I like to do when people might be watching.

Interview with Nick Cave

Confidential to graye: You still looking to play with Flash? If you can think of a way I can hook you up with Studio MX absolutement libre. Maybe a BT site? It's a hefty file. Do you have FTP access? I could get you connected directly if you promised not to be silly about it. :)
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