The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

What's in my bag - 6/5/09

It has been a tumultuous few days. Emotional roller-coaster. So many possibilities, good and bad, I'm trying to avoid thinking too far ahead. Suffice that I'm feeling serene and positive.

Rather than, you know, get into it in depth, you get a list of the crap I was carrying today from bottom left clockwise!
    What's in my bag - 6/5/09
  1. Two bottle caps - Blue Moon beer and Izzie soda.
  2. Random cards.
  3. Passport.
  4. Replica WW2 Soviet cigarette case containing credit cards and punch cards.
  5. Random trash - coffee purchase stubs, a package notice, twist tie.
  6. Three rolls of film - 2 x Redscale Lomo, 1 spent 400 ISO Sensia slide.
  7. Three film canisters.
  8. Timbuk2 small messenger bag.
  9. Envelop holding a gift card to Brasserie V.
  10. Travel envelop for work containing a week of receipts from a trip to Dallas this week.
  11. Kindle!
  12. ID cards for work trip.
  13. Two essential oil containers.
  14. Moo cards!
  15. Skullcandy Earbuds.
  16. Zorki 4-K rangefinder camera.
  17. Three pens. One from work! O_O

Feel good, really. Trying not to be hopeful or overly cautious. Trying to keep my wits about me rather than dissolve into either side of my emotional dichotomy. Yay! :)
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