The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Deep in the Heart of Tejas!

LJ, please; let me tell you about my day!

    It was quite nice:
  • I woke up at 8:30 to shower and make breakfast before heading to Coffee/Brunch.
  • At brunch, I had a surprisingly engaging conversation/ranting at regarding Poly Dynamics which, unsurprisingly, is the emotional cousin of Fluid Dynamics.
    • The keys being friction and viscosity.
  • I then caught a very uneventful and quick direct flight to Fort Worth from Madison.
  • This was followed by a long wait for the rental wherein I was given a PT Cruiser to drive.... just like everyone else.
    • Srsly, every coworker with a rental is driving a PT Cruiser. Texas has emasculated me and many, many people today.
    • I am not, nor ever shall I be, a soccer mom.
  • A fun drive to the hotel which I actually remembered without directions.
    • Apparently it pays to come to Dallas three times. Well, unless you factor in the humidity.
  • I then met the unabashedly saucy and shockingly attractive chandrielle for dinner.
    • We ate here and had some delicious hunks of cow.
    • The weird thing I posted? A fork designed to eat the marrow from the bone in the osso buco she ordered.
    • I ate marrow tonight. How about you?
    • That is almost indecent. :D
  • There was a large amount of scintillating and hilarious conversation.
  • Now I am back at the hotel relaxing and trying to fix the shutter on my camera which has decided to be finicky now that I'm in a new city.
    • Commie bastard
The remainder of the trip? Looking up. I have another outing with the lovely mentioned previously for margaritas on Wednesday and am actually looking forward to exploring the city a bit.

Now. I shall sit (no pants!), fix my camera and revel in recent memories, Texan and otherwise!

Edit: Reason shutter wasn't engaging? Finished the roll. That was a fast 36 shots. Good thing I brought more flim[sic]!
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