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A Week of Film

A Week of Film
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It seems weird to take a digital picture of myself with a film camera. BUT! As I have yet to get my second Zorki camera to not chew film when advancing, I'll have to settle.

Look. I'm settling. For digital.

I grabbed my 4K and loaded it with 400 Fuji Superia slide film which produces luxurious blue and green hues when cross processed. Which is, of course, the only reason I"d ever buy slide film. Cuz it is expensive.

I've been checking my regular Soviet camera sellers and am sad. I saw a special WW2 version of the 3C - the 3 series being next on my purchase list - but it was snatched up the next day. BOO. It had bright red script in the name engraving and an extra star stamp next to the KMZ factory logo (see stamp here).

But, most importantly, the 3 and 3C have the next strap loops on the body. I had to custom outfit my 4K with a carrying case which I cannibalized from the case it came with so I could carry it more easily and safely.

You know.. any excuse to increase my collection.

Note: My 2C has the loops on the outside but... film chewer. Very sad.

I'm in a great mood today. It is GORGEOUS outside. There will be whiskey tonight. I had an excellent night last night. It involved a little BSG, aged ribeyes, a chocolate-strawberry, rosemary and thyme cream sauce and debauchery. The cream sauce was for the steaks. Not the debauchery.

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