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Caprica 6, Chicken, Bondage - what else do you need?

[Work thoughts - a week.5 in]
I feel really lost at my new application currently. I've jumped in to help a lot of testing because the rest of the team doesn't have the coverage right now. So, I'm holding a full load of old application logs, a load of current application logs and doing the managing thing. It's good, jumping off the cliff, as it decreases the slope of the learning curve to get in there and mess around.

It's slow, though, much slower than I'd prefer given that I don't have all of next week to test like the rest of them. I'm trying to finish 90% of what I need to test by EOD tomorrow so I can have the weekend to relax before I'm off to Dallas on Sunday (chandrielle: up for dinner with a weird, LJ guy you don't really know on Sunday?) . I'll have to work most nights from the hotel but should just be straggling things and follow-up rather than major testing... though I've prepared my MacBook to connect to my machine again because the bigger screen allows for more productivity... in case.

[Managing a manager?]
I seem to be steam-rolling the other TL here in some decisions because he's a little slow to respond to some things. I've also been having him go to meetings rather than both of us so I can get more testing done. And.. in some cases, sort of directed him to handle a few tasks I didn't want to handle or he would be much faster at. I feel vaguely bad about that but he isn't doing any testing and seems to enjoy the meeting/coordinating part of managing better. I like it too but my talents are better spent testing, I think.

[Relaxing last night]
Last night? Last night was great. Fox and I roasted a chicken, watched more of BSG season 2 and played with some rope. It has been.... years... since I've tied anyone up for reasons to lengthy and personal to discuss at the moment. But! I took pictures. I'm not overly pleased with the lighting I was using. I'm still really crappy at model photography, let alone model photography without studio lighting. I think I'm going to spend some of my wedding fee on some compact lighting goods... umbrellas, stands and what not so I can start doing some studio work in my home.

I can probably get some stands, umbrellas and another flash gun for about $500. Nothing heavy duty since the flash guns can stand in for Real Studio Lights in a pinch given the proper diffusers and reflectors. Then I need to get a back drop setup.

Also, I decided I desire this attachment in addition to some other lighting equipment after further thought from yesterday. And the price dropped by a third since last year!

Bleh! My workstation updating nearly finished. I leave you with...!

Rope Bonds

I need a rope icon again. I intend to get back into this.
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