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LJ! Talk to me about flash units and lighting. I realized this… - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal


Talk to me about flash units and lighting. I realized this last weekend that I need additional lighting for low light weddings. One unit is not enough as not having a ready flash on my secondary camera leads to a useless camera! I was aghast! Discontent. Listless....

What do you think? Another flashgun? A portable lighting setup?
The former is super compact, maybe another SB-800 or the new SB-900 from Nikon.

The latter would be a step towards a studio. And isn't actually too expensive, say, were I to do with an AlienBees setup.

Or maybe something entirely random like a ringflash. :D THAT would be an interesting signature for wedding photography. Ooh. I kinda like that idea.

Oh yeah! So, in two weeks? I've lost about 9 pounds and an inch and a half off my waist since cutting out sugar and refined flours. I've stopped craving sweets and, what's really neat, I more easily become sated on naturally sweet foods - like berries or any of the agave sugar desserts we've tried.

That last part is especially neat and interesting. As is how fantastic most foods taste these days.
Oh man, I"m loving pretty much every fruit and vegetable I eat.
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world_rim_walke From: world_rim_walke Date: May 27th, 2009 03:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
That looks like a dominance contest between two camera lights.

I don't have anything to add to this discussion. Good luck. Try to find something the emits photons.
nathan_lounge From: nathan_lounge Date: May 27th, 2009 06:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
4 words:




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