The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

...these are somebody else's wishes. They're somebody else's dreams

  • 07:41 isn't wearing shoes.
  • 10:05 I really wish people at work would answer their damn emails faster.
  • 12:52 Why are you just reading the stupid packet in this meeting?
  • 13:02 Woo! 8 to 6 shifts when I'm on go-Live!
  • 13:16 has mushroom bisque.
  • 16:51 Um.. team member dropped something in my mail rather than walking down the hall to give it to me. Passive aggressive much?
  • 16:55 wants to go out shooting. grr
  • 17:02 I stepped out for some sun for a few minutes. Feel so much better.
  • 17:04 @moonriseeyes he was flirting,
  • 17:37 I think y brain is saying uncle. Boo 10.5 hours. Have more to do!
  • 18:31 is looking for soviet cameras on eBay.

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Tags: i am a twit head, twitter
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