The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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    As I'm waiting for an install:
  • I really like this remodeling site. I bet you will too.
  • I'm working human hours in Dallas next week. So I'll either get to see some of the city or work from the hotel towards the deadline.
  • Yum! Mushroom bisque for lunch.
  • Totally in love with Battlestar: Galactica. We're just starting Season 2 and stayed up late watching it last night.
  • Saw Star Trek this weekend. Twice.
  • I must devise tasty edibles with which to impress someone for Thursday.
  • Busy busy busy. Woo.
  • Had to push off my haircut today. I'll be all shaggy through Saturday.
  • Maybe I'll wait until next week to do the week of film shooting. No time this week. :(
  • DIY Altoids survival kit.
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