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    I have little to report
  1. I'm very busy all of a sudden.
    • My new team? BIG fan of The Meeting
    • Not a big fan of Meeting Momentum.
    • I am SO changing this last thing.
  2. Monday was both a very difficult and very awesome day.
  3. I failed to find a grill that is exactly what I wanted. Internet to the rescue tonight.
  4. The cleaning staff in Verona? They actually vacuum the carpet.
    • I want that to be dirtier than it really is.
  5. I have excellent plans tonight and Friday and Saturday.
  6. Wedding shoot on Sunday! I'm excited!!
  7. No rest for the weary.
Honestly? I think I can handle the new team. I met with two of them yesterday. They already have an excellent sense of ownership over the product and their work. They dig the trust they've developed with the QA staff. The big task is managing the influx of development quickly and efficiently, doling it out fairly.

Part of this will require better coordination of future projects with the development lead. We need to emphasize stability now and less on innovation now that we have a number of customers live. Also, we need him to throttle special update development and guide the development staff into a more well-rounded vision of the application is it fits both into its parent application and the enterprise. They're fantastic with the former but I think unfamiliar with the latter.

The issues I've inherited seem surmountable. Which is good. As I've been on the new team a whole two days?
Not that i count my Day Of MeetingsTM as a real work day for any team or division.

This music? Superb!
(I need a puppet master icon for new-team related posts)
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