The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

...these are somebody else's wishes. They're somebody else's dreams

  • 20:36 @mightybattlecat Like right now?
  • 20:36 @realization_no1 ><////*>
  • 21:22 really wants pizza.
  • 07:45 Will. Not. Eat. Pastry.
  • 08:02 @nicfouts NO. No more processed sugars!
  • 08:27 Still no word on my replacement. I guess I'm going to be diong double time. >:(
  • 09:00 successfully resisted pastry.
  • 09:39 Do people actually read me? This first phase is reduction in processed sugars. It is TEMPORARY.
  • 09:40 And stop calling me stupid for cutting out refined sugar. This is a GOOD THING. I am hypoglycaemic. My father is diabetic. Piss off.
  • 09:41 has been follow friday'd. O_O
  • 09:46 TGIP
  • 10:01 Going from a 20 person application to a 108 person? Little jarring.
  • 10:13 That was a lot of BSG jokes really quickly....
  • 11:57 is frustrated.
  • 13:10 1:10 pm. At home with coffee, book, NPR. Glorious.
  • 14:33 Still no tech guy...
  • 15:22 Still no tech...
  • 16:22 If the tech shows at 4:45, I'm going to be pissy.
  • 17:29 up the tasting locations.
  • 17:41 Mixed up tasting locations. I'm at old sauk.
  • 18:15 I think I got quintuple stood up tonight. Likely my own fault.
  • 18:31 Yup. Wine tasting by myself. Awesome.
  • 19:02 Meh.
  • 19:15 Winetastings on your own are BORING and a little sad.

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