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I feel off today. I bet it is partially weather and partially the first stages of sugar detox - we've started the Montignac method, ostensibly, which involves cutting processed flours and sugar from your diet. With it comes an increase in wine consumption which is fine with me. However, I am an obscene sugar addicted, enough so that it has fucked with my brain chemistry and pancreas: addiction, hypoglycemia respectively. It'll be better in a few weeks but it's hard what with the cravings.

I have noticed, though, that some things already taste better, which I've experienced before when we did something similar as few years ago.

Now just to learn how to cook well enough with limited food options. The initial phase, detox and weight loss, requires we eat food less than or equal to 35 on the glycemic index. There is a ton of possibility and I bought the first volume of Mastering The Art of French Cooking by Julia Child to help; let me tell you that this book, though logically laid out and not especially difficult to comprehend, is one of the most intimidating recipe books I have ever seen. Do you know how many ways the French prepare spinach? Do you think that number is greater than or less than 20 ways? Because it is greater than and a mere half of those involve cooking the spinach in cream.

I'm considering jumping in with something ridiculous with a beef bone marrow sauce. Then I get to buy a cleaver. :)

Maybe that's what I'll do with the eBay money.

The complexity of this transfer, the new team and all the crazy things at work has my brain resisting. Add to this that I'm trying to actively see a number of people, being creative with said dates while remaining interesting and calm.. whatever.. has me feeling both spacey and overwhelmingly mundane. There's some underlying guilty as well that isn't helping.

And I'm taking a week off from Photog_XP. I feel weird without a camera.


Yet more Mac tablet speculation. [Gizmodo].
Listen, Apple, I would likely buy any tablet device you produce. Please just do it?

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