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Today marks the last Monday I work in my current office. Next week
begins the long, awesome trek of saving a QA team; at least such is my
mission according to my bosses. Curious.

I'm looking forward to moving down there on Saturday. Any one want to
help? You can even help pick some decorations that morning with me. :)

This weekend was pretty awesome, minus the weather on Saturday. I
never pictured myself as a guy who would try to draw "five finger
solo" or mime anal sex with people I hardly knew. Good friends of mine are an entirely different game, obviously; all buttsex all the time.

Nor would I expect to have the courage to push past two years of a
shy, unassuming crush to ask a person out.

I guess it was a weekend of firsts. Pantomime buttsex and acting on a

I bet you are all pantomime buttsex and courage all the time, huh LJ?
You naughty puppy, you.

This had less to do with "offices" and more to do with "orifices."

(Did you see this awesome HDR photo I posted? No? Well then, this is a very convenient link, isn't it?)
Colorize your Kindle!
All Roads lead to Shoryuken.

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