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I had such wacky dreams last night. They weren't negative, the the content was ridiculously violent but in a delightful way, like a small yippy dog.

Yippy Dog Bark.

I was living at home in Chicago with my brothers, lady_fox and this amorphous Other Person who was mostly past girlfriends. I woke up in the middle of the night to find a brand new chandelier installed in my ceiling that immediately fell heavily towards my face. I jumped out of bed and tackled it out of the way, throwing it out the window where it exploded be hitting the ground.

Everyone in the house woke up and, as I went into the hallway, saw a man in bicycle shorts and a bike helmet jumping out the window of another room. I followed him to that room. As I crossed the threshold a series of crossbows fired at me which I dodged and rolled into the room. They, too, exploded and I had to put out the fires with an old blanket of Fox's.

I didn't see the guy who jumped out the window. I thought nothing of the fires, explosions, free attack chandeliers. I went down to breakfast. I heard a click when I sat down and threw my chair out the window. And the chair exploded.... My family was a little confused. My father remarked "I think someone is stalking you."

We had breakfast where I found a note from the bike short guy. Yes, he was trying to kill me and would succeed. Hahahahaha. The note went up in flames which I stashed in the bathroom waste bin. Which... yeah, exploded into flame. I grabbed the can and ran towards the front door where the roomba was which had a crossbow mounted on it. I dove and rolled and flung both the roomba and the garbage can out the front door.

Which exploded. And then I woke up.

I had a slow, melancholy night last night and slept really well afterward. I feel much better today. I'm kind of annoyed at myself for letting a bad day affect my outlook on the whole week. This week has been fine even with a deadline yesterday. And good work stuff which I still can't talk about grr... are still there.

I'm vaguely looking forward to trips in June.

I also did something nice for someone I don't really know but appreciate, which makes me feel good.

Lots of stuff this weekend.

xkcd is excellent today.

Justice Souter is stepping down! Interesting!

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