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A list. O Beautiful list!

  1. I enjoy weight training far, far more than running.
    • I have already added ten to fifteen pounds to most machines.
    • I'm ten pounds away from maxing out the thigh press machine. Which scares me a little.
  2. I am pretty much the same weight from last month, roughly 186.
  3. The weather is desperately beautiful.
  4. I'm over the stupid Winter/Spring change cold just in time for my allergies to explode.
    • What possible evolutionary advantage can allergies have.
  5. Deadline this Thursday. I think I'm ready for it.. I can't tell. Is that bad?
  6. Lots of very good things happening at work that I can't talk about yet. <twitch>
  7. Food:  Day 2
    • I was intending to do a funny nothing-but-crumbs set of photos for photog_xp but gave up for lack of proper lighting to get that close a macro shot regularly.
    • I need to make me a light box.
  8. Chuck Klosterman's fiction is excellent. He reminds me of Douglas Adams.
  9. Last night? lady_fox and I made Elvises.
    • Peanut butter, honey, banana, and bacon on wheat toasted in a pan with butter.
    • NOM
    • We had Banana Splits too!
  10. Nested tables FTW!

Now. What are you up to, people? And why haven't more of you done an ADIML or two yet?

making fun of jesus is love
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