The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

I Don't Belong Here: Day 3

Photo: HEY. I put stuff on my head for photog_xp. Do you see the fun you are missing?? Also, check out that sexy center framing on the first frame.

Ah yeah. <center framing dance>
This dance is funny to some of you, I know.

It involved chewing dry kidney beans, a cat with a healed gun shot wound, me and lady_fox buying a house in Florida swampland, and every single person I knew lying to me to my face about narcissuskisses moving in next door to me with they guy she left me for and his entire family. After the news of the former came out, I spent the rest of the dream walking around with one bowling shoe on, walking around lopsided and forlorn.

I woke up feeling pathetic and lonely and sad about it and the associated real-life events. Meh. Apparently my subconscious needed to remind me I'm not yet over that break up when I'd really prefer to be. Still. Boo.

I'm still sore from the gym on Sunday. It's nice, honestly. I feel like I accomplished something. I'm feeling less hungry finally too. I don't recall that ever happening before, feeling the increased metabolism, and pleases me. I've decided that, screw my mental blocks, I'm going to do what makes me feel good at the gym. If that includes lots of heavy weights and elliptical machine, so be it.

And that sounds odd when I read it back to myself. See, I don't want to be bulky. I don't want a ton of muscle mass which is why I've been doing lower weight and higher reps. My ideal body is more of a martial artist build: lots of endurance and less power.

This would be easier to achieve if I could find a martial arts school I liked. The JKD/Kali classes I took in college really spoiled me.

Eh. We'll see what this does to my body. As soon as I can't touch body parts from muscle interference, I'll rethink the approach.
Um.. Bacon AK-47....

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