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Quickie! Was it good for you?

Photobooks delivered! DVDs delivered! Paypal payment issues hopefully over soon!
This whole wedding photographer thing? I think I can dig it as the end results are so fantastic. Gratifying.

Also quotes like this from the bride:
    "I have to say that these are the best freaking wedding pictures I have ever seen! They look alive, full of life and so vibrant a few made me honestly choke up."

I don't have any more to show as I was busy from the moment I got home last night to upload any more. Fox and I had onesoul and perspectivism over for dinner (Spring Pea Soup [oh god, lady_fox made this so well] and Sesame Tempura Chicken [my own recipe] with ginger and peanut sauces) so there was much preparation. I polished the furniture people; I think that gives me a pass on posting photos. At least until I can figure out how to post an interactive version of the photobook that I can display for everyone. onesoul was effusive when she looked through it last night.

So! I think you should post work-safe photos of yours instead! C'mon. I usually do all the work around here.
Photo me, LJ! You're my only hope.

(have you joined photog_xp yet?)
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