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Personal mottoes.

Meh. Having an annoying day today. Payment issues from the wedding.

I've been thinking about mottoes or parables I try to live my life by. For a portion of my life, I had "Go, See, Look, Do" framed and hung above my bedroom door. This was something that came from my parent's divorce and a really interesting meditation session I had just before my mother moved to Arizona. It was meant to get me off my butt and actually experience life. Prior to that, I was a lump most of the time. I didn't do ANYTHING besides school, read and watch TV. It helped for a while when I started hiking and exploring Arizona on my own and traveling more in general until I went to college. I didn't remember it until very recently.

In college, I lost the phrase until my senior year when I hung "Just fucking DO IT" on the inside of my dorm room door. I was falling into old habits, especially with exercise and other things after a really rough first semester. I want to get over my own mental blocks, get over myself, and do the things I wanted. I spent a lot of time excogitating the details and staying in place, especially with exercise at the time, that I was stagnating.

I don't have anything similar now that I can recognize in a direct fashion. I've been thinking about it those as Spring comes and it's a good time for renewal, a good time to push past all the stupid mental blocks we set for ourselves. :) it's a theme with me, you see. Though, I've been better the last few years in actually experiencing life, especially since buying a camera.

Do you have any personal mottoes or parables by which you attempt to live?


If so, what and why?
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