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What's in my bag - 5/5/09
What's in my bag? - 5/5/09

Photo: I love this community on Flickr - What's in your bag?.
    First, I'm a terrible bag slut. I own the following bags:
  1. Medium Timbuk2 messenger I use for the gym.
  2. Small Timbuk2 messenger (above) for everyday use.
  3. Custom Mirror's Edge Timbuk2 messenger (Yeah, I was that excited for the game).
  4. Saddleback Leather medium briefcase I use for travel and days when I want laptop and camera.
  5. Chrome Bag citizen messenger I use(d) when riding.
  6. Tamrac 5608 Pro 8 camera bag which is for weddings. It carries two cameras, flash, gorilla pod and various lenses, batteries and memory.
  7. Finally a Lowepro Nova 180 that I very quickly out-grew and never use anymore
    (See? Bag slut)

Secondly, voyeurism is FUN. People carry weird shit with them. I especially like to find people more gadget geeky than I, like the guy who carries four PDAs and two iPods. And the San Fransisco messengers who carry 20 protein bar and three changes of underwear. Are the super designer girls who match every friggin' Dolce and Gabbana accessory. I can gawk at them. Look! They're crazy!

As for me? Well, I seem to manifest bottle caps in all my bags. I had a Blue Moon bottle cap in my bag yesterday. Last time I had one of those was over two years ago at Blue Moon Bar and Grill on University Ave. Crazy. But good practice for the apocalypse.

In other news, I'm soaking chicken in the garlic buttermilk RIGHT NOW for fried chicken tonight. Nom nom nom nom.

I'm also trying to switch to green tea at work rather than coffee. I washed my teapot, Funny how a clean tea pot is so much more appealing than a dirty one when you're making such a transition (again). I still had tea left over from jackshoegazer's and antarcticlust's gift last year. Perhaps a smidgen past prime but hey, I'll drink it. :) mm.. green tea.

And I'm taking Friday off. Not sure why but I want to. Probably going to go phlogging all day. Or ruin my newly exchanged tea addiction back for coffee on State street.

OH! An industrious individual has prodded photog_xp back to life. We'll start up again next week. You should all join, especially you, hellocthulhu. I've added some more moderators so we can pass around the organization responsibility as I failed to keep it up on my own last time through. Yay shared responsibility!

This past weekend? Awesome.
YOU: You should all do a What's In Your Bag! post.
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