The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Dude, everyday should be Saturday.

Today was fantastic for me. Fox and I met new people and talked polyamory, monogamy, communication, and such. These two have just shifted to a poly life and were looking for perspective. They were nice. We were, I hope, helpful.

It was certainly useful to talk. Talk about what has worked, about what hasn't, about being human, about being open, about responsibility. These are things we always need, that I certainly need to remind myself of regularly. It's good to hear it, that we can be successful and happier for it.

I also had a second date with someone today. It was long and mundane. I think of them as foundational "getting to know you" dates. We went camera bag shopping. We went to lunch. We went to Sunshine Cleaning (movie). We talked a ton and walked her dog, which was especially nifty - though I don't have to clean the poop. So. Perspective. :)

And we had a much, much better kiss (I think) this time. I'm terribly giddy right now.
And I baked her gluten free cookies.

Yeah. I'm a dork. Shut up.

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