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A list. It's a list!


Photo: I voluntarily photographed a baby. Crazy, right?
  • Made chicken salad with creme fraiche last night and it was delicious.
  • Been looking at houses again. I wonder if I could gather at least a 10% down payment before end of year and then do a home equity loan to get the rest.
    • Anyone have any free money?
  • Trying to break through the "ask dad" barrier.
  • This weekend looks excellent. Brunches and parties and dates. (Oh my!)
  • Dinner at Brasserie V tonight with shortcakeness, hellocthulhu and the ever-coordinating lady_fox. Mmm... beer.
  • I'm liking the Johnny Walker Green.
    • So, I've tried all the Johnny walkers except for Blue. Would anyone (many ones, perhaps?) like to go in on a bottle with me to try it. If we get enough people, maybe we could do a comparison of the various labels. (That would require something like $450.)
  • I had naughty dreams about people last night!

Yesterday was BORING. Be more fun today, ok? Catching up on The Stephanie Miller Show is only so exciting.
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