The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Jeff and the Cheater

Food Science! is fun. The result from the powdered buttermilk/regular buttermilk pancake test was interesting.

First, substituting powdered buttermilk and water according to the instructions produced a far, far thinner pancake than the same quantity of regular buttermilk. I wasn't sure how to address this without ruining the test buy, say, thinning the regular buttermilk pancakes with something else.

Still. The flavor of the resultant pancakes were really, really close. The powdered milk cakes, though thinner, had an extra tangy note at the end whereas the regular buttermilk was creamier and smoother when eaten without butter and syrup. I suspect much of the creaminess comes from the thicker batter.

When eaten with butter and Grade A fancy maple syrup, the tang of the powdered buttermilk was more pronounced and, I think, better highlighted. The regular buttermilk pancakes tended to swallow the syrup flavors because they were thicker.

With Grade B dark amber syrup, the regular buttermilk pancakes stood up better to the stronger flavor, likely because of the thicker batter. The powdered milk pancakes lost most of teir distinguishing characteristics with the heavier syrup.

So. I say the powdered buttermilk is an excellent substitute for pancakes if you reduce the water to keep the cakes thicker. I appreciated the extra tangy flavor notes lasting longer with it versus the regular buttermilk.

Time will tell if reducing the water is the easiest solution to thicker cakes. Something I will certainly explore soon!

Creme fraiche is still thickening. Our apartment tends to be cooler so it's taking longer.

I've decided i want to use the creme fraiche and some really good chocolate and make a sauce for a steak. I'm thinking roasted garlic, cardomom, cumin and cinnamon in the sauce with the creme and chocolate.

We're thawing some filet medallions currently. :)

Oh! I forgot! We successfully created a Chicago style hot dog on Monday. Steamed dogs and buns are key. I could leave the sprinkle of celery salt out though.

zOMG yay food!
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