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Things and a photo

  • lady_fox found a cute house on Tempe Dr that is just about the size we're seeking. 3 bed, 2 bath (900 sq ft), a mostly finished basement (additional 600 sq ft), and a GIANT backyard and deck. Were we to put 20% down, mortgage would be less than our rent. Though with taxes, it's about $200 a month. Which we can afford.
  • I don't have 20% down.
  • My father offered it to us last year.
  • We're going to review our finances. Is it worth it to drain (most of our) our savings and investments at this point to buy a house?
  • I am going to explode.
    • It is an excellent time to buy. I'm mostly worried about settling for something we'll eventually trade up. I don't relish that idea but it's a good way to break into the market in general. Now is such a crazy-good time to do it too. I'm just reluctant to borrow that much money from my father though he can likely afford it. He's already paid for my college, car, and, you know, my life for the first 18 years. :/ Maybe it'll ultimately be more incentive for him to move to Madison? I dunno.
  • I forgot to really relax this weekend.
  • Need to verify DVDs but I've burned 8.9 gigs of photos for the wedding.
  • I'm eagerly awaiting the photo book. I received positive feedback from alyska who's photographic skills I respect.
    • Side note: she asked me if I could see myself doing this 40 hours a week and I think I honestly could. Though some parts of it were tedious - lift adjustments, stamp, stamp, stamp... - it was extremely satisfying to see the end product. But, as is, if I do a wedding a month, I"d almost double my income. So. I'll shoot for getting regular business first before I contemplate 40 hours of photo editing a week,. :)
  • I am SO taking up home-brewing beer in the future. I have been repeatedly impressed with drakenfly's beers and his latest is likely one of the best beers I've ever had.
  • I have taken over a week off from the gym and ate TERRIBLY during it - because I suck.
  • I did get some activity Saturday helping move techdragon in though we apparently got there late - bad timing with text messages and driving in that crazy weather.
  • I've been reminiscing about first kisses and kissing in general lately. it's been nice.
  • I'm in a pretty good mood today.

A Discerning Look
From Art Chocolate's opening a week ago.

ALSO: Anyone have suggestions for website software? I intend to update my website tis weekend and need to retool it so it is EASY to update. I hate iWeb because I don't want a MobileMe account which ruins the easy update features in it. I have a WordPress blog but the photo galleries suck So.. help?
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