The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Now I'm just teasing them

Hand in Hand Ahead
Hand in Hand Ahead

I've finished last edits to the 349 photos and am burning the DVDs as I type. All together, I'm giving 8.9 GIGs of photos. They are all high quality 8-bit TIFF files for printing. I suspect some of the un-cropped photos could be printed at like 8 feet tall. You know, to paste onto your garage or something.

I think now, since I know amalathea (Bride) reads this LJ occasionally, I'll just tease her and madmazurk (Groom) with photos until I deliver the books. >:)

I feel accomplished today. Now to see if I can squeeze all those files onto 2 DVDs and not three....

I'm making faces at a few LJ friends RIGHT NOW sitting near me.
Tags: art, photos, wedding
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