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Megwyn - Another photo from Art Chocolate's opening last weekend.

Last night: I very much enjoyed my date. We stayed up talking until midnight. I have many observations about this first date versus other first dates (at least what I consider first dates, as I honestly think tis was the first "real first date") that I may discuss later. I also met her dog who I rather liked too.

Today: I'm going to finish up my photo book from the wedding three weeks ago. I'll likely be doing this from Barriques. Not sure which one yet. Probably Fitchburg in case someone I know is working there today.

Tomorrow: PHOTOWALK. Let's say starting at 3pm until 5ish and then go get Chicken wings at the closest BW3.

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The Old Gumbie Cat

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You use your teaching skills to help the mice and cockroaches become law-abiding citizens with a purpose in life; concerned about their irregular diet, you cook sumptuous meals for them. Cleanliness, too, is very important to you. Most people remain unaware of your huge range of aristic and practical capabilities, yet our lives would not be the same without you.

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On whom well-ordered households depend, it appears.

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