The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

...these are somebody else's wishes. They're somebody else's dreams

  • 06:56 Woke at 5:30. as lazy and didn't exercise. Close enough to the hospital to walk. Feeling optimistic. #
  • 07:01 Excellent coffee at this Marriott. #
  • 07:10 Good morning Chicago! #
  • 09:18 Dear guy peeing next to me - Please less grunting and wincing. I don't really care to know about your STD. -ABM #
  • 09:38 I hate to see you go but I love to watch you running like a Jamaican in heat. #
  • 09:48 Users have no questions on day one. This is going to be a dull week. #
  • 10:04 One person seems 'bout ready to go off. #
  • 10:05 Vacuum tubes: the best fun you'll ever have with a suppository. #
  • 10:15 @alyska you never learned how to be at rest unless you crash. #
  • 10:21 Neeeddd cccooooffffeeeeeeee. #
  • 10:25 These people do NOT like to walk. #
  • 10:34 I would like too call in "users to smart , don't need me" to go-live tomorrow. #
  • 12:43 How is it, exactly, that I work with so many smart people with no fucking manners? Chew with your mouth closed! Don't swear on golive! Grr #
  • 12:56 Back to standing around being bored. #
  • 13:21 Maybe I'll just drive into Willia Tower to display my displeasure. #
  • 13:23 It is really hot and stuffy in this department and not in "let's make a sexy movie" way. #
  • 13:40 I think I'm allergic to medical record numbers. #
  • 13:47 These people are goofy. Must be paper-cut induced delirium. Good thing were near a hospital... #
  • 15:22 I seem to be the only person who gets no cell reception in this cave. Or are they just shadows in an ideal cell-receptive world? #
  • 15:46 is hungry. #
  • 16:15 Two urges at war: stay in, order room service or go out, explore and find food elsewhere. #
  • 17:32 How much do you tip a valet and how often? Every time be gets the car? #
  • 18:47 :[portillo's hotdogs] #
  • 19:01 :[chocolate malt!] #
  • 19:01 It was a very excited malt. #
  • 20:00 had way too much fun wandering the city in the cold. Covered about 7 miles. That's exercise, right? #
  • 20:53 The M #
  • 20:53 The Muthafuckin' millennium bean: #
  • 21:55 Would love for the internet connection to stop sucking. #

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