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Juliet, ooooh-oohhh. Where the fuck you are?

The Bean at Night
The Bean at Night

Look, LJ. I had a great time tonight. I dragged my sore, standing-for-10-hours self to the hotel, stretched yoga-style, changed into awesome-no-leaking shoes, bought the city's stock of hypens, and trucked on out. I beat the crap out of city traffic and am, in fact, driving like I live here. I spent an obscene about on parking and walked all over downtown.

I was weaving through people, across streets, swearing at cabbies trying to run me over. Snapped fewer photos than intended but it was cold and I didn't have my coat. But still, I had a great time. I love the energy of a city. I love walking with purpose.

I also LOVE hot dogs and malts.

Photo: HDR of the bean made monochrome. Wicked.

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