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Nice Legs - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Nice Legs

Nice Legs
Originally uploaded by ABMann
Photo: From my first real trip to the Zoo. narcissuskisses and I had a date there when the weather was bright and cheerful in February... certainly warmer than it is today, the first day of spring.

HEAR THAT, NATURE? First day of spring!.

Anyway. Some things on my brain:
The person I see in the mirror no longer matches the picture in my head. It's really odd, so much so that I am puzzled at what I see. I'm getting skinny enough that I don't have visible pudge when dressed and rather sharp lines - you know, that V-shape men are supposed to have? Yeah, I'm getting that.

I am also noticing some deformities in my skeletal structure because of it. I'm more tilted now than before as I build muscle on my right arm and not my left. This, in turn, titles my overall posture when I'm tired to a bit of a stoop to the right. Which makes the rounded-ness of my rib cage o the left side more pronounced.

See? Odd. I'm trying to be more aware of my posture now to help correct some of this. Look more man. Less Quasimodo.

That said, I still have some way to go until I'm really comfortable in my skin. But that I'm very obviously not as fat as I think I am, as evidenced in every mirror I use, I'm having a lot of internal conflict. Much of my self-confidence (or lack thereof) and self-worth (ditto) come from my belief that I'm still fat like in high school and college. That I can't SEE this any more has me reevaluating many things about myself.

Honestly? I'm feeling generally more confident these days.
Um, when I'm eating enough. I have been forgetting meals which makes me all mopey and depressed.

I need to start carrying trail mix everywhere I go.

Also - reviewed and rated 3/4ths of the wedding photos last night. many good photos. A goodly amount of excellent photos. Still need to off-load a memory card from the backup camera. but it's going well.

So! What are you doin', hot stuff? It would be a shame to waste this renewed confidence and new body.

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