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Doing memes is like shutting my brain off.

I have no photos to post and I'm sad. I will begin editing wedding photos this weekend after I complete myriad OS updates and backups. And make a Hackintosh on my Mini.
And exterminates the world's bees.

1. Do you look forward to being in a marriage when you're older? If you are already married, do you look forward to growing old with your partner?
I don't really care about marriage but this hardly precludes growing old with a partner. I hope to grow old with a number of partners, really. I though I had that but was wrong, alas!

2. When you watch an infomercial, do you find yourself seriously wanting to buy the product?
I HATE INFOMERCIALS that don't involve juicers.

3. Do you follow a certain football team?
I like the Bears but am bad at watching their games.

4. If you were given the chance to repel down a mountain for free, would you?
Maybe? I have a fear of heights so if you could guarantee I'd be fine, possibly.

5. Does it bother you when people chew with their mouths open?
Yes. I think this is the single most disgusting thing a person can do.

6. Who is one teacher you were never able to stand? Why did you not like him/her?
I have enjoyed all my teachers and gotten along with all of them. Oh, except that stupid English teacher first year undergrad. She was HORRIBLE at reading poetry and ruined lots of great stuff for me.

7. Would you ever have a cowskin rug in your living room?

8. Do you think being given flowers or chocolate is sweeter?
Flowers because they don't make me fatter but I like chocolate more. So.. you know. I'm crazy.

9. Would you stay in a place that is rumored to be haunted?
Am I alone?

10. Have you ever wished that you were a different gender?
Wished? no. Contemplated? Yes.

11. Does it embarrass you when boyfriends/girlfriends see naked baby pictures of you?
Not any more which is good. My mother has far to many naked baby pictures of me.

12. Do you prefer enchiladas with red sauce or green sauce?
More spicy = more better.

13. When you walk into the grocery store, which aisle do you head to first?
Fruit and veggies because that's the first aisle they set up.

14. Were you a C-section baby or born naturally?

15. What is the ugliest haircut you have ever seen?

16. Which do you like better - Gatorade or Powerade?
I hate them both and only drink them when I have a severe flu.

17. Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?

18. Do you like it when your pillow is nice and cool?
Hell yeah.

19. Have you ever watched or worked out to Richard Simmons's "Sweatin' to the Oldies"?
I've seen his exercise show on the wee hours back in the 80s. Does that count?

20. Have you ever stolen a street sign?
Of COURSE not. That said, i had numerous signs in my room growing up....

21. If someone payed you one million dollars to get their name tattooed on your forehead, would you do it?
Do they have a pretty name? Maybe.

22. Do you often remember your dreams?
Lately, yes.

23. What is the last song you sang out loud?

24. Clothing sizes vary with each brand. With what brand do you wear the smallest pant size?
Levi Strauss Signature collection - 34. Diesel Jeans - 32-33.

25.You've just been asked to prom by the person you've liked for a year.They are wearing a green, velvet tuxedo to the dance. Are you embarrassed?
No, that's pretty nifty. but, I'm going to Prom? What?

26. Do you have to use hairspray to get the hairstyle you want?
Not since they invented all the other cool hair products that can't be SET ON FIRE.

27. Is there a sitcom or TV show you're looking forward to watching this season?
Lost, Dollhouse, Supernatural..

28. Have you ever been obsessed with one song for a month?
Never that long.

29. Have you ever wondered how "gangstas" keep their white shoes so clean?
I suspect their underlings lick them clean.

30.When you see flashing lights on top of multiple cop cars a few miles ahead of you on the highway, what do you assume happened?
Car accident if on the highway.

31. Would you rather have fake or real plants in your house?
I kind of prefer fake plants.

32. Do you think grills are pimp or stupid?

33. Do you know the song "De Colores?"

34. What is the most irrational fear you have?
Abandonment. I'm trying really hard to ignore that one recently.

35. Do you think it's silly to dress dogs up in clothes?
I do but I'd still do it if I had pets that would sit still while I strap the bunny ears on!

36. Which do you like better: Mac or PC?
I prefer Apple but can use anything, really.

37. Do you watch any dance shows on TV?

38. If someone offered you two million dollars to keep or forty million dollars to give away to charity, which would you choose?
I could turn 2 million dollars into 40 in 10 years.

39. Does your mouth open when you put on mascara?
Yes, in fact.

40. Do you think Shakespeare is overrated?
The plays people read and see the most, yes. I really enjoy the sonnets.

41. Do you have pet allergies?

42. Do you remember the first boy you held hands with?
Yes. What?

43. Would you ever go cliff-diving?

44. When you go camping, do you worry about bears coming into your camp?
No because I've never been camping in a real wilderness.

45. Have you ever finished a game of Monopoly?
Uh, yeah.

46. What is your favorite board game?

47.Rider Strong, or "Shawn" from Boy Meets World, is only able to find work doing B-rate horror films now. Do you find that sad?
So not surprised

48. Do you think Nickelback, Lifehouse, and 3 Doors Down all sound pretty similar?
Um.. yes?

49. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Only when Fox eats too much for dinner. :)

Ah! Bees!!
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