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If you comment to this post, I will give you five words (or phrases)that remind me of you. You will post those in your journal with an explanation of what they mean to you. Please also copy this explanation so that other people can ask you for five words.

My 5 words from labelle77:
Sparkling kisses

Fedoras: I have like 4 fedoras that I never wear any more. it's kind of sad. My favorite is a bright red fedora that no longer fits. Apparently when you lose 70 pounds you lose head fat too. Yes, I had a fat head. But I don't any more. That's part of why I never wear the other hats. They just aren't as cool as the red fedora. :(

Photography: Um.. do I really need to explain this one?

When I was 6 to 12 years old, i used to help my mom a little with her photography business both as a gopher and a model. She had that camera forever. I remember the 60's Nikon neck strap, the really ugly blue brocade patterns. I friggin loved that thing and wish I could find a neck strap like that these days. She took the camera everywhere with her. Unfortunately this included into the bath tub with me and she has dozens of photos of me naked as a child.

My first camera was a huge plastic fake polaroid fake journalism camera my mother bought for me at a garage sale when I was... 7? 8? Very young. It took the little binocular film packs but never actually worked. Or I guess I don't know if it work. I don't remember ever having any pictures from it.

The next camera was a Pentax point-n-shoot that had like three settings and a crazy zoom lens. I was 14? I didn't really like it that much because i hated developing the film and it didn't really let me do anything with it. it was also not how saw "camera" in my head since it was a compact, automatic sort of thing. Of course, I didn't know at the time I had this idealized image in my head of old style or SLR cameras as "real" cameras.

When I started working in Madison, I bought a digital camera which solved the development issue. I could see the results instantly and pretty much went nuts for photography. I photographed so much junk, some of the photos I still have and still like. It was super limited, of course,like the 2 second delay between pressing the shutter release and capturing the photo. I eventually progressed to the point where the camera limited my creativity and bought my first DSLR in 06. Mmm... Nikon.

Now look where that got me...

My cat Spot. Some sinking feeling Blue eyes

Nicknames: I have this weird tendency to nickname the women in my life, generally those whom I'm interested in romantically. It's a way around using real names, which never sound right when I say them, and a way to create some secret intimacy between us.

lady_fox is Fox or Foxy in my brain though I do use her name much, much more frequently. I'm not really sure why.
narcissuskisses was "hot pants."
labelle77 was "bright eyes"
nightlikeariver is "internet girlfriend." :)

I also have a nickname for myself.

Sparkling kisses: I don't screw around when I kiss. It's a full body, full sensory experience. It starts with a look, that moment of silence when you each commit to it. You step forward and smell each other and place a hand on a shoulder or cheek or neck. And when you meet, when you're fully present in that moment, the world dissolves into sparkles.
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