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Light Kitty

Light Kitty
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Photo:Fun with over-exposing back lighting. I went a little stir crazy and shot a bunch of Electra today.

I'm obsessed with lighting today. Lots of reading and reviewing flash photography concepts, something that has always eluded me technically. The good thing is that Nikon i-TTL is pretty self-sufficient when using speedlights. So, I'm only concerned about variety of exposure more so than proper exposure.

Need to buy a giant pile of batteries.

I'm glad I stayed home from work. i awoke with a migraine and slept a few extra hours. Application of water, caffeine and Tylenol reduced it to mild annoyance from blinding.

Tonight I have more reading planned. Nikon released a new book on their whole lighting system. So, chilling with that either at B&N or Barriques, the latter if the book is worth buying.

Also, I ditched in favor of Lose it! which doesn't try to sync with a server every damn time I touch a button. The database isn't as extensive as Livestrong but has on-the-fly custom choices which is super useful. And did I mention it doesn't try to sync every damn time I touch a button?

Tags: art, cart, electra, fat, iphone, photos, tools
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