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Kat Gets Older
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Photo: Silhouettes are hard, yo. Hard to do well and right.

I am trying to get my SHIT together - Self-Hindered Improvement Thingies - again. I have been slacking in my financials and my health and my relationships and brain. Something broke in my mind last week wherein I told myself, "ABM, why are you feeling down and ignoring all these things? You are young and can deal with it so get your SHIT together."

Actually, I swore at myself much more than that.
Yes, I do refer to myself as ABM in my head.
And yes, It IS strange.

But, I reordered my thoughts and found some new and reinstated some old tools to help me with all of these things. - iTunes
I now have access to my financial status readily available with weekly summaries sent. I even created a few budgets which are auto-debited when I use my check card via my bank's categorization of the businesses. First, shit I made a budget? Nuts. I was generous with them, sure, but it is a start. I expect to be able to drop the amounts on most of them next month.

Next step: Fix my joint-account deposit. Now that I'm not paying 100% of the rent, I can save that extra few hundred dollars. Woo!

LiveStrong - iTunes

Look, LJ, I think I'm fat and you're NEVER going to convince me otherwise. i am still about 17% body fat after pretty much stopping serious exercise for the last month or two. I want to drop at least 5% in the next two or three months.

To accomplish this I intend to:
  • Go to the gym minimum 4 times a week.
  • Reduce the weights aned increase reps on strength days
  • Stop using the elliptical, switching to running or stairmaster.
  • Use the elliptical as cool down after the previous two.
  • STRICTLY reduce and control calorie intake (no more than 1500 calories a day)

    In general I'm going to increase my Indian style cooking which tends towards vegerian top help reduce calorie intake. I'm going to try REALLY HARD to stop indulging in sweets while restricting calories. I waffle between cutting them out entirely, as I've never been able to accomplish that, or reducing the quantity severely.

    I should eliminate them but a really don't want to and don't think I am capable yet of doing so.

    Also, Fox ought crazy amounts of thin mints and I don't want to throw them away.

    As for my love life, well. There's no iPhone application to fix that but Fox and I have taken steps which I do not wish to discuss with the general masses; suffice that we're talking more which is a good First Step towards re-attaining the Awesomeness That Once Was.

    Kisses and I are peachy. I am feeling less clingy after a good mental bitch-slapping and she and I, in general, seem to be approaching things more relaxed-ly. I am finding things that make me feel special in our relationship which is important to me and I'm trying to keep my brain in line. That last part is likely the most important.

    Well. I'm just fed up with some things and have been putting my foot down. Suck.

    LJ! Life feels better on this Monday! Crazy!

    Also, I am wearing a new shirt and look smashing.

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