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Created by andy and taken 6834 times on bzoink!
NameWill Ringland
BirthplaceChicago Illinois
Current locationVerona Wi
EyesGreen in the morning, brown by night
Height6 ft even
Righty or LeftyLeft by genetics, right by default
Zodiac SignCancer
Your heritageILots of Irish and german
Your weaknessfast food
Your shoes you wore todayslippers
Your fearsNot having enough money; not being self reliant; having no friends
Your perfect pizzaStuffed spinache
Goal you'd like to achieveDoctorate in Neural Systems
Your thoughts first waking up"Today will be a good day" or "Why does the cat have to yowl every morning?"
Your best physical featureShapely legs
Your bedtime10:30-Midnight depending on if I'm working on something creative
Your most missed memoryI've forgotten it, this cannot miss it.
Pepsi or CokePepsi for regular, coke for diet
McDonald's or Burger KingBK
Single or group datesgroup
Adidas or NikeKill
Lipton Ice Tea or NesteaBlech
Chocolate or vanillaYup
Cappuccino or coffeeNo no, frappuccino
SmokeOnly exotic, hard to find cigarettes about once every two months
CussDamn skippy
SingIf I like the song
Take showers dailyEven for people I don't know
Have a crushNot at the moment
Think you've been in loveYes
Want to go collegeAgain
Want to get marriedOnly for a tax write off
Believe in yourselfCompletely
Get motion sicknessI KNOW NO WEAKNESS
Think you're attractiveI do
Think you're a health freakNot really
Get along with your parentsSwimmingly
Like thunderstormsMore of an electrical storm person
Play an instrumentTrumpet where no one can here
Layer.six - in the past months
Gone to the mallYes
Eaten an entire box of OreosI wish
Eaten sushimmmm
Been on stageNope
Gone skatingNever could
Made homemade cookiesI've baked, just not cookies
Gone skinny dippingNope
Dyed your hairNope
Stolen anythingNope - ever..
Been trashed or extremely intoxicatedOhhhh yeah
Been called a teaseNope
Got beaten upI always did the beating.
Age you hoped to be married
Number and name of childrenphi
Dream weddingExtravagent
How do you want to dieDitto
Where do you want to attend collegeBuh?
Dream jobI seem to have it already
Country you want to visitMany, starting with New Zealand
Layer.nine - In a guy/girl...
Best eye colorGreen
Best hair colorRed
Short or long hairLong
HeightShorter than me
Best weightCurvey
Best clothingShapely
Best first date locationeh
Best first kiss locationeh
Number of drugs taken illegallyBoozin'
Number of people I could trust with my lifeToo few
Number of CDs that I own15? Maybe
Number of piercingsNone :(
Number of tattoosNone... yet >:)
Number of times my name's been in the news2 or 3, maybe 5. Not sure at the moment
Number of scars on my bodyNope
Number of things in my past that I regret.Phi

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