The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

The Obligatory Face Stuff Shot

Photo! I took pictures of EVERYONE eating. It was fun as people make silly faces when they eat. Plus, jackshoegazer is a ham.

Today has been really nice. I skipped the gym to clean a little and chill some. Watched some Good Eats and ANTM. Then I bought pants and some shirts WITHOUT SKULLS ON THEM. This last part is key as 1: there was a superfluity of skull-laden clothing at Macy's (AT MACY's) and 2: narcissuskisses was trying really hard to get me to purchase something with a skull on it.

Skulls at Macy's? Really? So they cater to the Punk Nautical League? The ones that paint their boats black? Bleh.

Looking forward to a par-tay tonight.

Currently? I have a lovely Belgian style triple from Ale Asylum that I really like. Iron Chef is on and I'm feeling good.

Today is great.
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