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Tucked Away

Tucked Away
Originally uploaded by ABMann
Photo: This is what I am not right now.

I'm groggy. I've been sleeping inconsistently the last few nights while still getting up earlier than I usually do. I hate to admit it but I've been having such vivid dreams, mostly sex dreams, that I'm actually waking up in the middle of the night sweating, panting and aroused. It's nice occasionally but getting a little out of hand; and I'm curious why it's happening now moreso than before.

That's not true. I know why it's happening. I've become the prolific dirty texter and doing so close to bed focuses my mind on sex. Formulate one hot dream and I'm awake two hours later, hips twitching.

Why am I complaining about vivid dreams? Arousing things?

Right, tired.... But I have coffee. Suddenly I don't care any more.
<texts you dirty things>
Tags: art, cat, i wanna sex you up, photography, photos, poe, text messaging
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