The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Rude Things To Do With Your Models

Photo: There were many, many dirty things done with dolls at [info]kiwikat_club as we gifted her a set of lovely mahogany animal drawing figures... You do not talk about [info]kiwikat_club!

I feel really odd today, like I'm moving through pudding but my brain is racing. Usually this feeling is immediately followed by me being chased by something large and mean in as nightmare. As directly behind me is a cemetery, I expect today will finally bring the Zombie Apocalypse, "Zombocalypse" if you will.

It's sad, really; I just received an order from Threadless. I can't abide the thought of dying before displaying my borrowed wittiness to all of you.


In other non-Zombie related news which, by definition, isn't "news" so much as "distracting you into complacency until the zombies eat you first and I get away" I had an interesting conversation about work with lady_fox last night over burritos. I realized that I need to slough off some of my workload so I can actually focus on key issues for the next few months given the status of the application.

Also we talked about changes to jobs and where to go, direction. I have no direction and am not feeling hopeful for change currently. This may be various other things stressing me out, and I'm still rather stressed from work, love and play.

Suffice. Burritos rock, that's for sure, especially with nacho chee... LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!
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