The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Integrals of Pottery

I'm generally surprised when a really long day turns out OK. I got home from work around 8pm after writing up 20+ issues with that super late project, 80% of them cosmetic - I haven't had the time or inclination to really test the functionality - and 20% usability/functionality related. I suppose that helped, feeling fairly accomplished with that even with feeling steam-rolled by R&D with it.

i totally intended to get up early to finish off a few other things this morning and I'm glad I didn't. It is still super broken and I would have wasted that time. Well, not really wasted so much as used it for other things... like finding this week's new album (done) or finishing a 2 year review for one of my team members (just need to tighten the language).

I don't want to do real work today but because yesterday's deadline became a fake deadline, I still have shit I should do for it. It is very difficult to care when I seem to be the only one who is. I see what upper management says when a mediocre player on a team will bring everyone else down. I've made it two years with this yahoo but I'm about ready to give up find an out.

Either way, I had a really relaxing time at home. Fox came home and delivered on a few orders from the previous evening which was really nice, albeit ending in some frustration. But! It is real progress, namely that I wasn't bashful about some things and she was pleased and excited to indulge me.

Yay top chef! Boo team Europe. :(

Today? Well.... I have something happening that I'm rather pleased for and anticipating greatly.

I can only wonder what the evening will bring.

Sunday looks fun this week. Saturday is currently empty which actually makes me a little sad. :/

But! I stopped for coffee and scones as "reward" for yesterday. Reward meaning "god, you're fat; why do you eat?"

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