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    Things I shan't do after a 90% lousy, 137% stressful week:
  1. Buy a Kindle 2.0.
  2. Skip the gym.
  3. Maul a small child.
  4. Break my dead laptop battery over my knee.
    Things I SHALL be do after a 90% lousy, 137% stressful week:
  1. Carry out BW3 chicken wings.
  2. Make Weight beer.
  3. Desperate Housewives (yes, I'll do them what good)
  4. Buy a Kindle. NO.

I suspect a good run this afternoon will help. As would a punching bag but PClub hasn't one.
I'm in a beat-or-fuck things sort of stressed out mood.

Bonus: V-day chocolate from my employer.
Random: New high score in iPhone Word Warp - 20,030.
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