The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man


Yesterday's unexpected flavor conversation: Toothpaste + Kahlua = icky. Kinda like menthol coffee. I do not suggest it to anyone.

Blarg? yes? Blarg.

Four hours in Stu Act today. At least Chris split the desk job into 2 shifts. I'd cry if I had to be here all day.

Amzingly enough, Audra remembered to give me something to do. I assume it's only because she is off today and I'm doing the menial task that she would be doing otherwise. I get to plug email into a BCC and send of requests for physical exams. Some natsy truant students haven't checked to see if all their body parts are in the right place. tsk tsk.

Dammit. Why do people look a me like I'm a criminal when I tell them the NY Times has vanished, that no one knows where they went. Why the fuck is that my fault? Blame Audra, she told me that. Fuck you, accusatory poltroons.

Bard looks stressed enough to the point of tears, but remains jovial nonetheless. I wonder if she has an ulcer of some sort.

So many of these damn addresses have 85 in them. Do people realize it's lame to use your birthday in your email?

Hmm. 9:50. Halfway done. Audra said that I wouldn't be able to finish this before Fey comes in. Does she realize that I'm not slow and/or stupid? I'm halfway done. I have three hours left. Or was that another yet-so-subtle hint that I should not really try to work? I hate secretarial work.

Girl coming here next year has last name Rainbow. That's cool. Wonder if she's at all hippie-like.

Does having an address at mean you stand against what their domain means? Isn't that social?

Some of these emails are so provocative that I feel dirty typing them in... choclate pleasures. Or silly. There are so many names with "babe" in them.

Well. Look at that. I'm done with two freaking hours to kill. "Yippy-ky-y'aye-ay, Mother fucker" - Bruce Willis, Die Hard
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