The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

...these are somebody else's wishes. They're somebody else's dreams

  • 07:53 I'm a static tragedy waiting to happen. #
  • 08:13 @tyskkvinna Better not look under the bed.... #
  • 08:29 Flamingo curry: #
  • 09:10 spent way too much time writing utilities to save me time this morning. #
  • 09:32 fights the jealousy demons. May need a bigger sword. #
  • 09:37 @fr_tandu Changing the visuals doesn't lessen the feelings for me. :/ #
  • 10:32 requests a new emotion chip. #
  • 10:45 This week's album is a little dull, generic so far. #
  • 11:37 Meh #
  • 11:51 If I don't like it, why am I still eating it? #
  • 12:36 hooray for scientific articles on quality measure framework. zzzzzz #
  • 12:54 is in Verona on his netbook logged in to his workstation in Madison printing documents to a printer down the hall. Technology is cool. #
  • 13:46 No, I don't want to reschedule our meeting as I drove all the way here and am already outside your office. Thanks for the 15minute notice. #
  • 14:48 could totally go for some toast right now. #
  • 14:55 Oh man, @KBMalone. I hate you so much right now. #
  • 18:25 My Friend, Ultra Violet: #

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