The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Flamingo curry.

I had goat curry last night at Dobhan. It was OK mostly because it was too salty, just like the dahl (dal? daal?) before it. Also, the dal was crunchy though, honestly? I can appreciate that texture after a recent attempt at a similar dish. The rest of the experience outside the food and my not-actually-a-date date company was pretty terrible.

First, do not ever serve wine in a water glass. This was ridiculous.
Second, when I ask for more water, it isn't acceptable to grab the water jug, walk past me, refill the table behind ours and then walk back to the kitchen.
Third, waiting 20 minutes to order is lame when you're only half capacity (5 tables) with two people working the floor.

So, I suppose overly salty curry and daal were the least of the issues. I don't want to write off the restaurant but they offer many compelling reasons to do so. Suffice that company was excellent though astounded by her water glass wine.

Also. I'm going to eat that flamingo. I have a plan. I'll distract the zoo keepers by chucking three children of decreasing size into the wading pool and then "offering to help" during the chaos. At which point, I'll rabbit punch the flamingo in the head and stuff it into my bag of awesome before running away screaming, "AH! The flamingo pecked my eye out!" and breaking ketchup packets all over the floor.

See. Easy.
Tags: animals, art, curry, don't look at me like that, food, photo, random, restaurants, the flamingo would eat you too
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