The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

You Want Some Fruit?

PEOPLE. This is very important. This monkey has fruit in its mouth which he is chewing. He would like it very much were you to desist staring at it and kindly retrieve more fruit for him. He is far less likely to enter a rage and murder you in the face were you to do so. Thank you for your time and fruit.

The nice weather from the weekend got me all riled up for some hot, sweaty action.

I have been seriously jonesin' for some running. In fact, right after the now-typical barrage of erotic dreams (thank you f-list for being many attractive peoples), I had running dreams wherein I ran a lot. This is key, this "lot" of which I speak. Because, you see, a lot of running is like seventy runnings, unless it is a parking lot; in which case, it is many more than seventy runnings.

I think this is a good sigh for the future of me but not my running shoes.

But, given the above you can understand the running and dreams. I expect in the next few nights to be having running sex dreams. Hot, sweaty action.

Man, I can feel the endorphins now.
Can you?

If not, allow me to help you. I'm rather good with my hands.

Tags: art, i'm talking sex again, monkey, not chicken wings, photo, photography, running
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