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Thursday Album - Weary Things

Artist: Andy Friedman [iTunes]
Album: Weary Things
Genre: Folk
Release Date: Jan 27th, 2009

This album is an odd departure from last week. It is coherent and normal. Friedman blends his folksy lyrics with some rather fantastic blues and rock guitar, which I think makes it rockabilly in essence. It feels modern but tastes old which, while a stupid way to describe music, seems exactly what it should be.

Maybe it's the harmonica, or his gravely voice, or the fact that he neither takes his songs nor his ability to sing seriously, but it becomes on honest and realistic blues record trying to hide as a rocky folk album with a distinctly modern flare. The 5th track "Backstage at a Small Hotel" betrays a modern aesthetic. The track is a recording of two people talking about a terrible stage performance involving a crying child which, I think, is supposed to be the artist as a child. This track leads into an echoed retelling the artist finding his inspiration, titled "Pilot Light," exploring his evolution as an artist from this initial piece.

I rather like this track. It is awfully country. And I'll dig anything with that much echo singing about insanity and destruction.
Download Pilot Light. [8mb]

The rest is more folksy with a rambling spoken word piece directly following Pilot Light which is wonderful and funny and 8 minutes long.The latter half feels more down to earth, put-together. The album as a whole is an expression of Friedman's artistic progression, real or idealized I'm unsure. At the turning point, Pilot Light and Backstage At a Small Hotel functioning as his "coming of age" point which gives way to a consistent sound and mode of expression.

Do I sound pretentious yet?
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