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It is Thursday. I remembered that it is New Music Day today on the way to work. I nearly drove into a snowbank because of it. I look forward to it muchly. I think this weekend I'll post links to my favorite songs from the albums.

Maybe I should make a mix of recent acquisitions. That could be interesting.

I requested a full week off in July. I'm going to Sweden to visit my sister. I think I should be more excited but I find it difficult to get past that seven million hour plane flight. I have a hard enough time recovering from the jumps i do around the US, especially with turbulence and a weak back. But still... Stockholm, man. Akvavit! Lutfisk! Suströmming!

Yeah. Now, just to lose all my body fat and grow an extra three inches and dye my hair blonde and I can get lost there never to return.

I have passport documents and I know how to use them.
Huh.. current music oddly approrpriate
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