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A Year In Music - Animal Collective

Artist: Animal Collective
Album: Merriweather Post Pavilion [iTunes] (beware the yellow glow)
Release date: Jan 20th, 2009

I listened to the album last night while preparing bits for Thai Coconut Chicken Soup. Apparently the industry has been going nuts for this CD since Animal Collective's last release. I read about it initially two weeks ago as ran an article on it and the prerelease of the CD on various outlets - link. With that article and the iTunes review you'd think they brought heaven to earth. I think the reviewers are full of themselves or at least effusive.

I did rather enjoy the album, all told, but can't exactly compare to their previous work as I've never heard. I do like the noise music overlaid with some odd and haunting vocals which appears about midway through the track listing. I like that the tracks become more chaotic as they progress, like some sort of sonic flower; It feels well coordinated, like a migraine leading to some positive acid flashback. and I also think the most popular track in the store is the least interesting (Track 2, "My Girls") compared to the controlled aural mess that is "Daily Routine," especially as it gives way to an ethereal, nigh ambient/trance drone in "Bluish." Also, Bluish has a nifty Beach Boys quality to it. It's in the singing and synthesized steel drums, I think.
Download Bluish [10MB]

So yeah, I can dig the critics but think describing it as "holy" but think they should go to church for that.
And I'm very excited for chicken wings tonight. Likely overly so.
<smirk>Also looking forward to lunch so you can understand my priorities on a Friday.

You are coming, yes? Maybe sooner rather than later in some instances.
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